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SunGard’s Recovery Services at a Glance

29th October 2012

When a business is unavailable for just 24 hours, research* shows that almost half its customers will assume it has folded and take their business elsewhere.

  • 3,500 man years of experience handling over 3,400 invocations with 100% invocation success
  • 100,000 recovery tests supported.

SunGard Availability Services can provide you with as much or as little help as you need to recover quickly and effectively from a business interruption or disaster.

Workplace Anywhere
>25,000 end-user positions worldwide for employees displaced by disaster. Each is equipped with a common operating environment and access to voice and data communications.

Recover Anywhere
Using virtualised desktop and softphone technology to extend recovery further into your business. Recover Anywhere offers full IT workstation experiences without the need to deploy physical assets – staff can work remotely and fully participate in operations to help resume normal levels of productivity faster.

Technology Recovery
SunGard's recovery facilities are among the safest places to access hardware and protect applications, data and networks. Customers' systems are backed up by redundant infrastructure and network connections, all guarded by SunGard security personnel and systems.

QuickShip and Mobile Recovery
Our range of pre-packed and Mobile Recovery services bring the technology to you, enabling near normal business operations while your office or data centre is being restored.

Long-term Recovery
In the event of major loss, we can construct buildings from modular blocks within days. These are equipped with all the furniture, generators, uninterruptible power supply, communications systems and technology you need to keep going.

Managed Recovery Programme
SunGard’s Managed Recovery Programme: we take care of all the recovery change control, systems admin and recover your business when you need us.

Enhanced Recovery
By creating mirror systems, our customers – using broadband communications – can successfully and securely conduct remote testing anywhere within a safe environment.  Such Enhanced Recovery saves our customers £hundreds of thousands in travel expenses and test costs; it also reduces carbon emissions resulting from car and plane journeys.

SunGard Workplace Restart
SunGard Workplace Restart combines our award-winning Workplace Recovery expertise with Regus’ global distribution of 1,500 business centre locations in 600 cities and 100 countries. These two powerful capabilities enable businesses to extend their office and people recovery beyond SunGard’s Workplace Recovery locations to more staff and geographies around the world, expending enteprise availability further.

*Information Availability Generation’ survey conducted by YouGov for SunGard Availability Services – November 2008.

For more information about Recovery Services, please visit the SunGard Availability Services website

Daren Howell, is Product Marketing Manager for SunGard Availability Services Operational Risk Management and 'People' Recovery Services. He is currently focused on bringing to market the latest Workplace Recovery evolution, Recover Anywhere, which offers businesses a smarter way to recover by using virtualised desktops and softphone technology to maximise the productivity in event of disaster or business disruption. He also looks after business continuity management solutions and associated tools to automate business availability strategies - including supply chain vulnerabilities, and has a watching brief on Carbon Reduction Commitment developments.


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