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29th November 2012

AE_ChangeInApproachThe buck stops here – or does it?

Our recent white paper ‘Availability and the Bottom Line’ demonstrates there is no consensus over who should be driving the move to ‘enterprise availability’ – defined by 55% of the interviewees as “maintaining business as usual”.  Although the research[1] showed eight out of ten IT decision-makers recognise the importance of availability, the thorny question of who’s responsible for ensuring business as usual was less clear cut.

Almost a third (32%) overall saw availability as being part of the CEO’s role – rising to 40% in the UK compared with 23% in the Nordics and just 21% in France – while a similar proportion (31%) felt it is the job of the CIO. A mere one-fifth saw it as the responsibility of the CFO or COO (18%% each). Interestingly, there was almost a four-way split among Nordics respondents, suggesting that in this region senior management is expected to take a more collaborative approach on strategic issues.

However, the all-encompassing, strategic nature of such an organisational shift makes it nonsensical to suggest that this should be the preserve of a single department. Rather, the paper argues, it is time for the board to grasp the concept as a collective responsibility – and resource it appropriately – irrespective of who they believe should have the daily control.

Which CXO should be responsible for AE

Discover more about ‘Five considerations towards enterprise availability’ and how to achieve it.

[1] Research conducted by Vanson Bourne in July 2012 involving interviews with 450 IT directors in organisations with 250 to 1,000 employees in the UK (250 interviewees), France (100) and the Nordics (100) across a wide range of business sectors.















Keith Tilley is Executive Vice President for global sales and customer services, responsible for ensuring we meet our customers’ business objectives and achieve our goals by geography and account. Keith is also responsible for sales, marketing, consulting and customer services. His 35-plus years of business expertise keep Sungard Availability Services operating at the top its field around the world. Keith joined Sungard AS in November 2001 when the Company acquired Comdisco. Prior to that, he worked for Failsafe Roc Ltd., Istel and Rover Cars – progressing from the IT department to operations manager then moving into various commercial and product management roles. Initially working as business development director in the UK for FailSafe ROC, Keith has held roles in marketing, business development and service delivery before becoming managing director for Comdisco’s UK and European operations. During this time Keith managed the expansion of the business from a single line in only two locations, to multiple platforms and services including high availability and web services across nearly 30 facilities throughout Europe and India. Keith is a Chartered Director and is a co-opted member of the Confederation of British Industry’s South East Council, as well as vice-chair of Intellect’s membership committee.


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