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AEVideoGrabAt this time of year as the nights grow darker our thoughts inevitably turn to what the year ahead holds for us. While we can’t speculate on the giftwrapped goodies that may await you on Christmas morning, we can give you some intriguing clues about likely availability developments.

These were revealed in an illuminating interview between Professor Nelson Phillips of Imperial College London and SunGard Availability Services’ Keith Tilley in which they discuss the top five trends likely to drive availability in 2013 and explain why. Gazing into the crystal ball, the two were broadly in agreement so…drum roll…here’s our take on what we see as the five big developments in availability next year:

  1. The growth of Bring Your own Device (BYoD), driven by employee expectations, and its implications for security and availability.
  2. Prevalence of social media – bad news travels fast and companies cannot afford to let availability slip down the agenda, as their crises now have ‘wings’.
  3. Mobile working – a longstanding trend that is set to increase, again driven by employees’ expectations of being able to work anywhere.
  4. Customer loyalty (or, more accurately, the lack thereof) – it’s relatively easy to attract new customers but the only way to keep them is by giving good service, and being present to do so, for which availability is key.
  5. The influence of ‘Big Data’ – the huge volumes of information available today can be exploited to add value to businesses, for example, by enabling development of  innovative new services that truly personalise customer experience.  But you need available technology in order to do so.

As Keith Tilley points out, “The harsh truth is that there are very few products and services these days that are truly unique. Smart organisations see availability as a differentiator and will use it to gain a competitive advantage.”

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