A Roadmap to Creating an Available Enterprise No 2

Build internal support for availability

Employee expectations of availability are marginally even higher than those of customers according to the SunGard Availability Services-commissioned research* into appetites for availability that forms the basis of our white paper ‘Delivering the Available Enterprise’.

76% of employees and 75% of customers said it is crucial or very important. More than half (55%) believe employee demand for availability is driven in part by the increasing consumerisation of IT. What’s more, the trend looks likely to continue with the growth in demand for mobile and flexible working coupled with the need for system access by those working overseas.

You can make this grassroots demand for availability work for you when building the business case in your own organisation. In fact, several interviewees cited this as an effective strategy to secure senior management support and resources, pointing to the potential loss of revenues and/or talent on the one hand and anticipated productivity gains on the other.

The survey findings suggest you’ll have a receptive audience: four out of ten respondents claimed board members’ enthusiastic use of smartphones and tablets was the most important factor in their growing interest in availability!

Find out about the other milestones en route to becoming an available enterprise by downloading ‘Delivering the Available Enterprise’ now!

You can also download the Available Enterprise Infographic.

*Research conducted by Vanson Bourne in July 2012 involving interviews with 450 IT directors in organisations with 250 to 1,000 employees in the UK (250 interviewees), France (100) and the Nordics (100) across a wide range of business sectors. 


About Keith Tilley

As Executive Vice President, Europe and UK&I Managing Director, Keith is responsible for day-to-day profit and loss accounts and all aspects of sales, marketing, delivery and development. Keith’s role includes overseeing over 3,000 customers across Europe and his vision as managing director is to drive the company towards its goal of being the first choice provider of Information Availability solutions. With 30 years of business expertise, Keith keeps SunGard Availability Services’ European operations at the top its field. Keith joined SunGard in November 2001 when it acquired Comdisco. Prior to that, he worked for Failsafe Roc Ltd., Istel and Rover Cars—progressing from the IT department to operations manager then moving into various commercial and product management roles.
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