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Availability ‘At a Glance’

22nd March 2013

AE_Infographic_LoresFurther to our original posting of this story, links have been refreshed to take readers directly to the Available Enterprise microsite – a webspace dedicated to the sharing of research, resources and insights on this topic – and which provides an open and ongoing forum for interested parties.

SunGard Availability Services has produced a simple infographic that gives a ‘state of the nation’ snapshot of availability: what it is, the factors driving it, the benefits and, most importantly, how organisations may achieve it by becoming more available enterprises.

The diagram presents SunGard’s recent report ‘Delivering the Available Enterprise’ in an easy-to-understand pictorial format. Availability is defined as “the organisation’s people, data, processes and infrastructure being readily available to support the business” and highlights the worrying finding that 8 out of 10 organisations say they do not have the right skills or resources to manage it.

It explains how changing customer and employee expectations are pressurising firms to ensure they are ‘always on’, with business travellers in particular expecting to be able to access company systems around the clock, wherever in the world they are. Then there are the ‘digital natives’ – the generation that has grown up alongside Google, Facebook and YouTube simply do not understand why all organisations cannot achieve their same high levels of availability!

Lastly, the diagram gives companies a broad overview of the four steps they should take to become an available enterprise and gives them the option of downloading the report and research that underpins it.

Check out the infographic for yourself here!

Piper-Anna Shields has worked within the business continuity management (BCM) and Information Availability (IA) industry since 1995. She has a wide appreciation of the issues surrounding BCM and IA and how they enable organisations to take a holistic and strategic approach towards achieving organisational resilience, continuity and availability, including the latest evolution into Cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service solutions. Piper’s knowledge of the issues surrounding IA has been used to promote the need for continuity and availability solutions to broadcast and broadsheet media, as well as within many trade and technical publications and forums. Piper also co-authored the chapters on ICT Continuity for Wylie’s ‘The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management, edition 3’and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for IT and Communications in edition 2.


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