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CIOs Approaching Pivotal Era in IT Infrastructure

1st August 2013

The next 36 months will be crucial for businesses as CIO’s look to refresh their ageing technology estates in order to embrace new working cultures, keep up with customer demand and provide higher levels of enterprise availability.

According to our latest research, undertaken by Vanson Bourne, it seems the majority of UK businesses believe that a tech overhaul is the key to increasing competitiveness and can provide them with a greater capacity for continued growth. And with nearly half of businesses admitting to having gone between three and five years since an infrastructure update, it’s clearly long overdue.

In a short space of time we’ve seen the emergence of numerous new working practices, from employees bringing their own devices to working remotely: the office has changed and CIOs must not only adapt with it to avoid the risk being left behind – but take a strategic lead. As our findings indicate the majority of organisations are set to transform their IT estate within just three years it’s becoming ever more vital that CIOs act sooner rather than later.

I’m not alone in thinking this: John Cridland, Director- General at the CBI, has warned enterprises that the pace of technology change, innovation and business adoption is faster than ever before. He commented: “The companies that will succeed in the future will be those that understand how a technology transformation can provide the underlying platform for business growth.”  

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, many CIOs are finding that the question of funding is holding up infrastructure investment. While it is undeniable that an IT transformation can be expensive at first, in the long run failing to keep up with current trends could be far more costly. CIO’s must convince their businesses to help them build a robust, resilient and flexible infrastructure that can cope with the high availability demands of employees, customers and stakeholders as well as ensure the organisation retains an edge against competitors.

This next tech refresh is likely to be one of the most important as CIO’s across the UK begin to update their technology estates. Needless to say that this is a pivotal era for the UK’s CIOs and the decisions taken over the next 36 months will no doubt impact the boardroom agenda for years to come. 

Keith Tilley is Executive Vice President for global sales and customer services, responsible for ensuring we meet our customers’ business objectives and achieve our goals by geography and account. Keith is also responsible for sales, marketing, consulting and customer services. His 35-plus years of business expertise keep Sungard Availability Services operating at the top its field around the world. Keith joined Sungard AS in November 2001 when the Company acquired Comdisco. Prior to that, he worked for Failsafe Roc Ltd., Istel and Rover Cars – progressing from the IT department to operations manager then moving into various commercial and product management roles. Initially working as business development director in the UK for FailSafe ROC, Keith has held roles in marketing, business development and service delivery before becoming managing director for Comdisco’s UK and European operations. During this time Keith managed the expansion of the business from a single line in only two locations, to multiple platforms and services including high availability and web services across nearly 30 facilities throughout Europe and India. Keith is a Chartered Director and is a co-opted member of the Confederation of British Industry’s South East Council, as well as vice-chair of Intellect’s membership committee.


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