When leading fund manager Genesis found it was regularly exceeding its storage allowance, it called on SunGard Availability Services’ consultancy team for help.

Vaulting contracts are based on estimated vault usage with additional use charged at reasonable rates. Having last reviewed its backup requirements in 2007, Genesis found that it was frequently exceeding the storage space to which it had subscribed. This resulted in excess charges but Genesis was understandably reluctant to upgrade to a larger, more costly storage allocation if this could be avoided.
SunGard consultants recommended that Genesis undertake a Vault Assessment to proactively manage vault content and data growth. This service provides a detailed analysis of data types, volumes and changes, giving Genesis a clear picture of its vault contents for the first time. The report revealed that Genesis had been storing 4.5Tb of unnecessary data, including redundant service packs and exchange recovery groups, which accounted for it exceeding its usage allowance.
Armed with the report, SunGard’s vaulting specialists were able to recommend tiering structures and develop a vaulting strategy for Genesis that meets its business needs. Genesis estimates that it has been able to eliminate between 25 and 40% of unwanted data as a result of the Vault Assessment, saving the firm thousands of pounds in excess charges each month. IT manager Colin Cloves says, “I found it a very valuable exercise—so much so that I’m considering doing it annually.” The relatively modest cost of the exercise has been recouped several times over by the savings in excess charges. Genesis is also benefiting from shorter backup and restore times, which will give them a head start in recovering from any business interruption in the future.